Everything Cabmeister

The Begining

One Night This Showed up  Feb.22 2007


Wanted Provision for X 2 30amp Circuits.
                                 X 2 20 amp Circuits
                                 X 2 15 amp Circuits

   Had an Electrician tidy up the Main end of things. I took it from the Sub -Panel with a 100amp Braker

                Not Too bad of a dig

Preparing Interior

Covering Walls with 1/2" Ply ( CDX) I think .Not sure what the Borg sold me

Ceiling with 1/2" Drywall . Leaving unfinnished .I like the rustic look.
R19 insulation.

  Thought I would add a little storage loft

Filling it up with GOODIES

Well the part that I`m busting my gut to show every one is Finally here ::::
Now the real work begins to get things ship shape so after 45 years in the cabinet industry , (time served apprentice)
I can now make some stuff for ME and MINE.

More to follow as I get things organized.
A little overwhelming for me , to say the least .
Finally a dream has become a reality .

Thanks all for viewing .